Tuesday, May 22, 2007

That's right, I wrote a piece of hate mail....

To know what I am talking about you can read Jenny Karakaya's Cannes Film Festival review of No Country for Old Men here.

From: movieshowjoe@gmail.com Joe Scott
To: jenny@joblo.com
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 08:27:43 -0400
Subject: RE: Your 'No Country for Old Men' review....

Dear Jenny,

In your review of "No Country for Old Men", you wrote:

"In this latest suspense crime drama, the Coens take us on a graphic
and brutally violent killing spree to exemplify how evil is unleashed
when a southerner is crossed."

I just wanted you to know that this is one of the most retarded
assemblages of English words between a capital letter and a period
that I have ever seen. No joke. All in all, the reviews you have
written as part of your Cannes coverage have been tolerable at best
(this is mainly because I am aware of the fact that you haven't
written many reviews, so I thought it best to give you a break), but
what you said in the sentence above was so ignorant, and well, again,

I am a Southerner, and the sentence you wrote 'crossed' me - 'crossed'
me real bad.

But did you notice the utter lack of evil that was unleashed? Yeah,
that's right. I am not going to hunt you down like Anton Chigurh and
kill you at the flip of a coin. I mean Javier Bardem's character isn't
even a southerner for Pete's sakes, at least he wasn't in the book.
However, even if Chigurh - as Bardem is playing him - is a southerner,
that should in no way make him an example of how the rest of us rural
southern types would behave.

At any rate, let me suggest an alternative sentence which won't cause
a good number of people who read your review to think you are a

"In this latest suspense crime drama, the Coens take us on a graphic
and brutally violent killing spree to exemplify the sheer terror that
is unleashed when an evil man is crossed."

Remember, you got a cool gig right now. You get to see some of next
year's most eagerly awaited films and write what you think about them.
Next time, try not to be so insulting -- not only to entire groups of
people, but yourself and your profession as well.

Good luck to you,
Joe Scott


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