Monday, June 29, 2009

New kid in the Goon Docks

Hello, reader. I'm Glen.

A while back, Joe -- somewhat unwisely, I'd argue -- extended an invitation to me to become a blogger here at After more than a year of hemming, hawing, wishing and washing, here I am.

You might know me from my film reviews, which are read and enjoyed by literally tens of people across the Triad, many of them directly related to me. For those of you who don't know, I've written the Flicks column in Yes! Weekly for a few years now, and I have loved most of it.

Joe and I have been friends since sometime in '06, and I can honestly say I'm honored that he'd ask me to share his little corner of the Internet. I cannot tell you what to expect as far as post frequency and content, but I get space in Yes to write about one movie per week. If absolutely nothing else, this will be a good place to prattle on about my Netflix queue, my burgeoning dislike of Ryan Reynolds and my seasoned-to-perfection hatred of Michael Bay. I hear at least the latter is a welcome sentiment around here.

Anyway, good to be with you. Back with some actual content soon.


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