Sunday, December 24, 2006

Top Ten Part 2/6

If you didn't notice, I left a clue at the end of yesturday's installment as to what the next title on my list would be. Did you guess the right film? Find out below:

9) The Descent – It’s sad to think of all the large-budgeted depravities that tried to pass themselves off as scary movies this year (Hostel, The Hill’s Have Eyes, etc). Fortunately, this monster mash of a thriller set in an Appalachian cave was smart enough to know that just because the audience wants to throw up from all the mindless viscera on the screen, doesn’t mean they’re scared. Too bad more people went to see Saw III instead.

Bonus Note: My former co-host Gu loved this film to no end. He saw it three times in the movie theater even though he already owned a bootleg of the British DVD (eat that MPAA!), and said it was so scary, it actually made him sweat. While my reaction was not as intense - I saw it only once, and did not sweat whatsoever - I was relieved to see a 'horror' movie that was actually frightening. There was a lot of vile garbage committed to celluloid in the name of horror this year. I remember back in 2000, how I wish the genre would have a revival, but now look where all that wishing has gotten us?

Anyway, The Descent is on video, and I definitely suggest that you check it out if for no other reason than to remember what a scary movie feels like.

Tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling installment entitled 'Number Eight' or 'Wolvie's Immortality Boogaloo' (this clue is easy, if you can't guess it, you must have failed shapes and colors back in pre-K).


Blogger Andrew Clark said...

good call putting this at number 9. saw 3/the hills have eyes would probably top my worst of 2006 list. you are wise good sir.

12:57 PM  

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