Sunday, July 29, 2007

A quickie review of The Simpson's Movie

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All right, let's make this quick. Why, you ask? Because there really isn't a whole lot one can say on The Simpson's Movie. Even the most casual of Simpsons viewers should know whether they would like The Simpson's Movie. It's not really better than the show, only longer - kinda like the two-part Who Shot Monty Burns? episodes, sans the wait between two seasons.

I guess I am thankful that The Simpson's Movie wasn't worse than the show, but in the beginning of the episo- er, film, Homer watches The Itchy and Scratchy Movie (was it the one that Bart was never allowed to see? - they never say), and complains about paying to watch something they could see for free on television. This is a good point, a point that the movie never really counters, except with the flash of Bart's genitalia, and Homer finally jumping Springfield Gorge.

Perhaps the biggest problem I have with The Simpson's Movie is that it was made long after it should have been, and that it offers fewer reveals than even the X-Files film did. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut at least had the balls to show what Kenny looked like outside of his parka (we also got to hear his voice, which was provided by Beavis and Butt-Head's Mike Judge). At the very least, the movie could have allowed Smithers to reveal his feelings for Mr. Burns, or something.

Anyway, as far as film adaptations based on TV shows go, I guess The Simpson's Movie could have been much, much worse - a fact which the following trailer reminded me of:

At least the guys behind this new Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie got one thing right -- when Alvin swallowed an entire hunk of Theodore's shit. Such a hilarious reminder of my favorite part from the old Saturday morning cartoon! ....Hey, wait a minute!

Seriously though, Jason Lee needs to fire his agent. That Dave Seville role had David Schwimmer's name written all over it.

(Did You Know: The Simpson's Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart) also did voice work for The Chipmunk's Adventure)


Anonymous Liz Fitz said...

One thing I liked about the film is that it showed Bart grappling with his lack of a positive father figure in a very real and touching way. We've seen plenty of that struggle from Marge, Lisa and even Maggie, but Bart finally revealed himself as a troubled little boy instead of the tough, hell-raising shithead we've come to know in the past 18(?) seasons. I was also pleased that the movie wasn't crammed full of unfunny celebrity cameos (Tom Hanks excluded).

4:37 PM  
Blogger The Movie Show said...

They did do something similar on an episode where Bart had conned his way into the Springfield equivalent to Big Brother & Big Sisters. Then again on the episode where he divorces his parents. Then another time when Bart went to military school. You are right, it has been 18 years, so the fact that they were able to come up with enough of a story for a whole movie and still make it feel fresh is quite an achievement.

4:43 PM  
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