Sunday, August 26, 2007

Simpson's Movie DVD extras.

I normally don't care to post the 'special features' for the upcoming DVD of a Hollywood blockbuster. Reason being that most of these so-called 'special features' are not so 'special' after all the ones that Peter Jackson did for the LOTR discs.

But it looks like the DVD The Simpson's Movie deserves major points for creativity. Not only can you watch the film in Widescreen (YAY!) and Full-screen (BOO!), but you can also see it in Half-screen (WHA?), and an even more revolutionary process called 'Ullman View' - meaning that you can watch the film in the way it looked when it used to run as shorts during the Tracy Ullman Show on FOX. Also, the 'Half-screen' is a joke to the fact that 'Full-Screen' is really nothing more than Two-third-screen, in terms of the preserving the way the film looked in theaters. Here's a look:

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Click here to see the rest of the special features, including a list of deleted scenes, foreign subtitles (including the ones from Futurama), etc.

EDIT: Apparently, we've been had. The whole thing was a joke. Not very funny if you ask me, since these features would have made The Simpson's Movie WORTH OWNING. Now I will have to just wait for it to come on TV....


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