Monday, September 17, 2007

The Fountain commentary online.

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This may be a first, but Darren Aronofsky posted his commentary track for The Fountain online. You can check it out by clicking here.

I loved The Fountain enough to declare it one of my top 10 movies of last year. Like Fincher's Zodiac, it was a step forward in terms of maturity for Darren, who could have easily fallen into the trap of self-parody after the hyper-stylistic Requiem for a Dream. Few people saw the The Fountain in theaters. I saw the movie twice, and could count the combined audience members with my fingers, but it looks like new fans are discovering the film on DVD. The addition of a downloadable commentary track should help further this.

Apparently, Darren had intended to include this track on the DVD before Warner Brothers said they were not interested. Don't know why a studio would turn down a yak-track from such a renowned director, especially regarding a film some people deemed confusing. Fortunately for us, Darren took the initiative and posted it on his personal website - for free no less. The dude could have easily made a little extra cash selling it on iTunes, so he deserves some props.

I was planning on seeing one of the million different movies that came out last week so I could review it on Thursday's show, but I may in fact put this commentary on my iPod and watch The Fountain on my home theater instead. Here'shoping more directors, writers, and actors will follow suit. Especially for cult films that don't quite merrit the issuing of a 'bells and whistles' DVD. I imagine we could get a Death Wish 3 commentary from director Michael Winner (a.k.a. 'Arnold Crust'). While we are at it, why doesn't Miranda July follow suit and make one for Me You and Everyone We Know?


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