Thursday, January 31, 2008

Michel Gondry 'swedes' own film.

In Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black and Mos Def star as a pair of video store employees who must replace all their VHS tapes by creating 'sweded' (i.e., cheap) remakes. Anyone who has been reading this site for some time should be well aware of this movie. We've been running various trailers for some time, and the best parts have always been the clips from the sweeded remakes.

The films recieving the sweded treatment at the hands of Black and Def are some of my favorites including Driving Miss Daisy, Ghost Busters, and yes, Robocop. Well it looks like Rewind director Michelle Gondry didn't want to be percieved as one of those pranksters who can dish it out but not take it back, so he went and sweeded his own trailer.

Check it out:

If Mike could perfect that Flux Capacitor he's been working on, February 22 would be so right now already. In other news, Michel Gondry is the coolest filmmaker alive.


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hilarious, can't wait! :-)

11:44 PM  
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