Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Speaking of games: Guess the Oscars, win a prize.

This isn't a contest sponsored by The Movie Show, but friend and local filmmaker Stephen Van Vuuren is running a his own little Oscar Pool on his film's website.

Over the last few years, Stephen has worked diligently on a computer-animated IMAX film entitled Outside In. Down in his basement no less. Anyone who understands the technical specs of IMAX knows this is a huge deal. To shoot a 60-minute nature film, it would cost $16 million due to the film stock and equipment costs, but Van Vuuren has mastered a way to make his film for a tiny fraction of that cost.

The Oscar Pool is a humble yet inventive fund-raising attempt, and I'll probably enter it myself once some of the political dust in Hollywood settles, giving me a greater edge of certainty. It kind of reminds me of the raffles my old peanut football league used to run back when I was a kid growing up in the mountains. They once ran a year-long raffle for a hand-sewn quilt featuring a fire-truck red wildcat (our school's mascot) at the very center. The only difference is that instead of a tacky quilt, Van Vuuren is giving away a $250 gift card to Best Buy for the person who gets the most categories right.

You can find out more about Van Vuuren's Oscar fundraiser by clicking here.


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