Friday, March 14, 2008

Three things I've learned since arriving in L.A.

1) Even nuns can be suspected terrorists - Walking towards the door of LAX, I noticed a nun had been pulled aside into a check point, taken into a glass cubicle, and thoroughly examined by Homeland Security. Mind you, this wasn't a middle eastern nun or anything, she was an old as my grandma, dressed as a penguin nun. You could tell she was humiliated as all the passersby - like myself - were staring at the absurdity of it all.

2) I am the poorest guy in my hotel - I walked into my hotel and the first thing I realized was that everyone was dressed to the nines. Hair and bodies painted. Skin tucked, pulled, stretched, and stiched. Me? I was wearing a suit, but there's no way my entire ensemble cost more than the shoes of the Asian guy who opens doors.

3) The Four Seasons Hotel is in fact the 'hotel of the stars,' just not the ones I would care to meet - When I found out I would be staying at the Four Seasons Hotel off of Sunset Blvd., my travel agent called it, 'The hotel of the stars!' So far I have seen Vince Niel and Charlie Sheen. I didn't try to speak to them, shake their hands, get an autograph, or take their pictures. The reason being that while they are both major stars, I was never a big fan. They are probably going to get bothered by fans (X) times a day, so why add to that variable when I am someone who really doesn't give a damn.

Plus, I always feel so sorry for celebrities, because, thanks to the media, we know more about their lives than they could ever know about ours. For instance, I know Charlie Sheen is having a difficult time with his ex-wife because she's exploiting their three kids by putting them in a reality TV show. I didn't want to know about all that stuff, but I do, because daily updates from IMDB are part of my religion.

So when I walked out of a public bathroom and saw that Charlie Sheen had not shaved yesterday, my first thought was that he had skipped doing so, because he's worried about his kids. See what I mean? It's really not fair for these celebrities. They've got it rough - even if they do make millions of dollars.


Blogger Teachie Ray-Ray said...

I'll bet a lot of those folks have just as little $$$ as you, but they spend it all, too. Sugar Daddies. Yeah.

5:12 PM  

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