Thursday, July 09, 2009

Death Racers, start your engines!


The movie is ready, the retro trailers have been spliced. Now all we need is the wildest movie audience in North Carolina (i.e. you) to make tomorrow night a rocking awesome time at the movie theater.

Friday, July 10 at Midnight, David Carradine will ride across the screen once more in the cult Roger Corman classic "Death Race 2000."

Tickets will be on sale Friday morning when the theater opens at noon. You can also buy them online here.

I would suggest that no one wait on this. I pretty much get into all of my shows for free, but made the decision to purchase tickets for me and my friends to guarantee we got into this show. You cannot say nobody warned you. It's going to be the coolest show in town, and there's a slight chance that only 100 seats will be available unless my fellow year-round GSO peeps can show their numbers.

I'll see you at the movies.

P.S. Winston-Salem film critic Mark Burger gave us a nice write-up in
Yes!Weekly. Apparently, Night of the Comet gave Burger more action than what the rest of the audience saw on the screen.


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