Thursday, August 31, 2006

So you thought Snakes on a Plane was supposed to be bad...

Material Girls, starring Hilary and Haylie Duff which opened on August 18th, has earned the dubious distinction of being the fastest film to ever reach the number one spot on IMDB.COM’s worst films list.
IMDB uses member votes to determine the viewer approval rating of films. Utilizing a simple one to ten scale and a nigh-incomprehensible logarithm, IMDB lists both the 250 highest rated films and the 100 lowest rated films.

With an approval rating of 1.6 and less than one thousand votes, Material Girls in its first week of release stole the not-at-all coveted worst film spot. Number two is the Movie Show 'favorite' Troll 2. Material Girls gained a couple hundred more votes in its second week of release, but maintained its 1.6 rating. Troll 2 sits at an approval rating of 1.8 with over three thousand votes.
The third through ninth IMDB worst films all have a 1.9 approval rating. It remains to be seen whether or not Material Girls can hold onto its number one spot when it makes the transition to DVD. Surely there aren’t going to be many people watching Troll 2 in the next few...well, ever.

What is even more interesting is the number of recent releases which have earned prominent spots on the bottom 100:

In July Little Man became the fastest film to enter the bottom 100. It became the 24th worst film on the day of its release.

The Tim Allen vehicle Zoom, released the week before Material Girls, is already number six.

Phat Girlz, released earlier this year, is rated number four. (And I thought making fun of the obese was Box Office gold.)

Five of the ten worst films have been released in the past five years. In fact, the number of bad films released each year seems to be climbing. Last year was a banner year for terrible films. Nine films last year reached the bottom 100, more than doubling 2004's four horrible movies.
So far seven films released this year have made it onto the bottom 100 list. In other words, roughly once a month this year one of the 100 worst films OF ALL TIME has been released. It is entirely possible that 2006 will top 2005's record.

However, I will leave you with some small hope. Despite the fact that so many recent films are making the bottom 100 list, there are many far worse films which are right now gathering dust in the backrooms of ancient video rental stores. Rest secure in the knowledge that it is impossible to gather viewer ratings on films that no one is watching.

-Props to Shoutwire for the collation of some of the above facts and figures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People put too much into movies nowadays. Why does every movie have to be an artisitc masterpeice. Movies are for entertainment. Although it might not entertain all, someone has gotta like it otherwise it wouldn't have been released by the studio in the first place. Perfect example... Airplane!

What I like about some of these movies coming out is that they're ok for kids to see. More and more movies have just "too much" for kids to be seeing.

Am I going to be first in line for Material Girls or Zoom? Hell no! But will I take my son to go see Zoom? Sure! He doesn't know that it's not a work of art. All he knows it that "it would be cool to do that" and we'd have a little popcorn as well.

4:01 PM  
Blogger mathrobot said...

I am a big fan of the idea that every movie is someone's favorite. My approach to film criticism is to help people find what works for them rather than tell people what they should like. My all-time favorite film is Big Trouble in Little China, but I know its not the kind of film everyone would dig. Despite the fact that the film is very low-brow I feel comfortable holding it up against the films of Orson Welles, Spielberg, Fellini, or whoever.
I am all about films for kids but, just like you, I have been bothered more and more by the films released in the past few years aimed towards kids. They seem to be increasingly vile. Every kids film I watch seems to have more graphic poop and fart jokes than the last. I've also noticed an increase in 'adult' jokes. I suppose these are intended to please the parents but every year they seem less ambiguous and more overtly pervy.
Thanks for writing.

6:49 PM  
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