Monday, October 16, 2006

David Benioff Can Write a Movie

In demand stud Hugh Jackman recently confirmed the rolling ball in Hollywood that is the X-Men spinoff WOLVERINE. The project is currently in development with Jackman slated to star and Ken Watanabe as a rumored villian in a David Benioff screenplay. Benioff also penned the scripts for Spike Lee's 25th Hour and that Brad Pitt movie, Troy. When speaking with IESB on his new film The Prestige, (opening Friday,) Jackman praised Benioff's script saying that it was "fantastic." Jackman also commented that a director could be announced in as soon as a few weeks.

Early reviews of Sasha Baron Cohen's (Ali-G) new film BORAT are exceptional. I didn't see that coming... but now I'm intrigued.


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