Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Wes Anderson commercials.

Remember the amazing commercial Wes Anderson did for American Express? Well, it looks like AT&T was so impressed with the advert, they hired Anderson for a new campaign entitled "Your Seamless World."

A user on YouTube asked something like, 'Why does Wes Anderson need more money?' Good question, and while I can't comment on the director's financial situation, there are other reasons for doing these commercials besides money. For starters, I am sure they were fun to make. These aren't your standard "Hi, my name is [insert celebrity's name here] and whenever I want to be cool, I use [insert product's name here]." Looks like Anderson got to flex his creativity quite a bit, here. Another good reason for making the commercials is the practice. These spots are driven by an interesting technique, one which Anderson might use in future movies. Consider these commercials a 'paid internship' if you will.

Check them out below:


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