Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Halloween treat for neglected readers.

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Between my work for the newspaper and my day-job, I have been extremely busy these past two weeks. As a result, I have been too exhausted to post on the site as much as I like.

So here’s a small gift to those visit the site even when I’m not updating - it’s my interview with Doug “Pinhead” Bradley from the Hellraiser films. Doug was in good spirits, ready to meet his fans at Greensboro’s “Woods of Terror” off of Church Street. During the interview Doug speaks at length on the abandoned ‘Pinhead vs. Michael Meyers’ film (a.k.a. Helloween), his potential role in the upcoming Halloween remake, and the current state of horror films in general. He also reveals the name of his favorite horror film.

Fortunately for me, Doug was a true gentleman, and nothing at all like the dark overlord he plays on-screen.

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Anonymous val* said...

Props to you both for the two amazing interviews tonight! Jena Malone is incredible & I'm sure your listeners are greatful for the special treat of hearing from her as well... nice work :-)

8:09 PM  

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