Sunday, December 23, 2007

Listen to Critical Mass 2007!

On a very special Friday edition of "The Movie Show," Mike and I were joined by Raleigh film critics Craig D. Lindsey of The News and Observer and Zack Smith of The Independent Weekly. And while traffic forced our guest to arrive 20 minutes late, we had a great time. Maybe it was all the munching sounds made during the beginning of the show, or the time when Craig yelled at Zack for complaining about the lack of unreleased movies he's seen, but I really think we had a dynamite session.

After the show, I took Craig and Zack out for Mexican food, when suddenly I had a case of the hiccups.

Craig looked at me and said, "Do you have the hiccups?!"

And even though it was obvious that I did, I told him so anyway.

"Stay right there, I know exactly what to do!" Craig sprung into action, acquiring a tray of sugar packets from the waitress. I was standing by the cashier line obediently, and when Craig retuned, he said, "Now lean your head back."

I did.

"Now open your mouth!"

Once I followed Craig's final instruction, he proceeded to tear open and pour five packs of sugar down my mouth. One after the other. Funny thing is, my hiccups magically disappeared just before he opened the first pack. He told me to swallow sugar, and I tried, but the mouthful of pure powdered sweetness was to disgustingly sweet for me to keep down. I spat it out in the parking lot, much to the chagrin of the friendly employees of El Carreton on Tate St.

Shortly thereafter, bid my two guests farewell. As they drove away, I turned to my quietly amazed wife, and said, "I'm going to remember this event for the rest of my life...."


Now you can remember the event for the rest of your lives, too, by checking out the enhanced podcast. Simply click the purple guy icon on the upper right side of the screen or watch it in streaming Quicktime by clicking here.

After hearing this podcast, I am sure you'll agree with me that we have to do this every year. Enjoy the top fives.


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