Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another award courtesy of WUAG!

Got this message from Jack in an e-mail this past weekend:

Here are the Top 3 Radio Shows of the Semester as Voted on by the Surveys:

1. The Movie Show (Thursdays 7 - 9 pm)
2. In the Beat of the Night (Saturdays 7 - 10 pm)
3. Mixtape Madness (Mondays 9 - 11 pm)

When I gave Mike the news, he flipped out. The reason being that 1) neither Mike nor I were able to vote in this year's poll. And 2) we always thought most of the DJ's at our station thought we were dorks.


Our show is primarily a talk program starring two geeks who love movies. Whenever we *do* play music, it's movie music, meaning we usually play a lot of unorthodox and even vintage mainstream tracks, which stray from the 'progressive' (read: indie) format of the station. I don't know how many telephone arguments I've been in with former and current WUAG DJ's who are pissed that I won't play their favorite Pavement or Of Montreal song because it's not from a movie.

'You guys are on WUAG, this is what you're supposed to play!' they'll always say, incredulously.

To which I usually respond, 'Yeah, but it's not what "The Movie Show" plays.'

These types of heated exchanges usually lead to repeat calls from the angered listeners who eventually call our show, "Shit" and the music we play, "Shitty." Talks like these used to plummet me into a deep depression, but I've grown to handle it much better lately.

So thanks, WUAG DJ's. You've not only showed up to a lot of our events all over town this year, but you also liked our program enough to make us number one this year over tens of programs that are just as worthy of the spot. I'm sincere when I say this: You guys rock way more than we do, so to win this award made me forget how much of a dork I am - for a little while at least.


Anonymous santa ho ho ho! said...

yay! being dorky is a thing to celebrate-- after all, you have earned the right & worked long and hard for it... soak it up & enjoy! :)

4:00 PM  

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