Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Oscars have been saved! Hooray!!!

The WGA passed a motion early this week to end their months long strike with a 3,492 to 283 vote. Essentially the vote saved the Academy Awards by the skin of Oscar's tiny golden teeth.

A quote from Variety:

After announcing the vote tally, Verrone said WGA members were free to go back to work "immediately," and he noted that writers for the Feb. 24 Oscar ceremony were believed to be doing just that on Tuesday night. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences prexy Sid Ganis and Oscarcast exec producer Gil Cates will hold a news conference Thursday morning to discuss their plans for the show now that the cloud of picket lines and stars staying home has lifted.

Guess that means I can ready my Oscar party.

To read the rest of the Variety article, click here.


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