Saturday, August 09, 2008

Is it a 'Mixed Tape' or 'Mixtape'?

So a few days after I posted my article about "The Mixed-Tape Film Series," I get a call from Movie Show friend and frequent guest host Craig D. Lindsey. He called for several reasons, but one of them was to say, "You do know it's a 'mixtape' and not a 'mixed tape' don't you?"

Making matters worse, when I got home and saw where News and Record pop culture blogger Joe Killian posted an article on the film series, I noticed that he called it "Mixtape" and "Mix Tape," but still not a "Mixed-Tape."

For a moment, I was taken aback. I have loved many a woman in my lifetime (regardless of whether they requited my feelings or not), and expressed these amorous feelings via the creation of a 'mixed' compilation of fave and peculiar songs on a TDK. Was I just calling it the wrong thing the whole time? Sure, the main character in Nick Hornby's High Fidelity called it a 'mix tape,' but I just chalked that up to the way we spell 'color' and they (meaning Brits) spell 'colour.' That kind of thing, y'know?

So I checked the nets. The dictionary was no help whatsoever. Then I saw that Wikipedia had backed up Lindsey and Killian's 'mixtape'. However, right before I folded and decided to change all the festival materials, the Urban Dictionary had a post that set me at ease. Here's their definition of a 'mixed tape':

mixed tape
A compilation of songs (traditionally on a cassette tape, though CDs are acceptable) that one makes for oneself or another, normally a boy or girl they like. Fine examples of mixed tapes have liner notes and a snappy title. Some fools say: mix tape or mixtape but this is clearly wrong as you have mixed a tape for your or another's enjoyment.
"Here Nate, I made you this mixed tape over Christmas break."
"Oh you mean you made me a mix tape?"
"Never mind, I don't like you anymore."

That settles it. "The Mixed Tape Film Series" it will be.

P.S. Here's the general logo we hope to put on all festival festival materials and t-shirts:



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