Thursday, September 04, 2008

[PODCAST]: Tuesday's show, sorta.

[NOTE: For some reason, the audio file of Tuesday's show cuts off near the 1-hour mark. I am pretty sure I can fix the problem, however, it's going to require an extra trip to the studio. Should have the full version of the show up early tomorrow morning at the latest.]

While the deep South was being rocked by Hurricane Gustov, Joe and Mike had to take on a different kind of suvere weather formation from Raleigh by the name of Craig D. Lindsey. Craig came back, CD's in tow, and rocked the house with his fantastic collection of CD sountrack hits. This week's topics include Brett 'Rush Hour' Ratner's proposed Guitar Hero movie, George Clooney's next movie with Juno director Jason Reitman, and the magic that is Todd Solondz's ability to find studios that will work with him.

Reviews: Babylon A.D., Hamlet 2, and The Last Mistress.

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