Friday, January 23, 2009

[PODCAST] Obama: Fan-boy, U.S. President

On this week’s episode of The Movie Show, Joe and Mike bask under the wise and thoughtful leadership of our nation’s first fan-boy president. They also discuss an outbreak of violence at a local movie theater, the Mr. Miyagi of Will and Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid remake, and the conclusion of Fox and WB’s nasty Watchmen lawsuit. The continuation of a long-dead horror franchise is the Story of the Day, and Joe and Mike review Notorious, The Wrestler, and My Bloody Valentine 3-D.

NOTE: This week’s podcast was recorded on a Tuesday, which makes it an audio time capsule for the part of 2009 before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences disappointed the world with this year’s list of nominees. More on that during next week’s show.

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