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Get ready to shout, laugh, riff, and howl at the movie screen!

Every Friday night in March, join us at the Carousel Luxury Cinemas for MIDNIGHT MADNESS: BEER AND A BAD MOVIE!, a month-long film series dedicated to movies that are so bad, they become good again. We've got everything from no budget horror and drama, all-girl gangs, and yes, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Tickets are just five bucks each. However, the best part is that with each ticket, you will also get THREE FREE BEERS! (or popcorn and soda for those under 21)!

All hecklers and MST3K wannabes are welcome. There will also be drinking games during the screenings as well as zany retro trailers, contests, and odd prizes for those who attend.



A magically undead grandpa, little people in horrible monster costumes, and a triple-decker bologna sandwich provide the basic ingredients for what many feel is the "best-worst movie" of all time.


The midnight movie sensation from Hollywood finally makes its way to Greensboro. Of course the acting, directing, and script are completely awful, but you'll laugh yourself stupid because of it.

MIDNIGHT FRIDAY, MARCH 20 - No Retreat, No Surrender (The Director's Cut)

When your greatest enemy is played by a young Jean-Claude Van Damme, your only hope is to learn martial arts from Bruce Lee's ghost!

MIDNIGHT FRIDAY, MARCH 27 - Switchblade Sisters

An all-girl gang of teenage hellcats slice, shoot, and destroy an entire city in this Tarantino-approved B-movie riff on Shakespeare's "Othello."


Blogger Ian McDowell said...

I would argue that SWITCHBLADE SISTERS comes close to being "good", at least of its kind, even if it's no FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL, KILL. It was a primary inspiration for "Java Jezebels," the first mock-exploitation-film poster I ever sold to Tate Street Coffee.

Some more candidates: PIECES and THE VISITOR, even if Retrofantasma has already done them. And the incredible UNDEFEATABLE, which gave us this classic fight scene:

I'd also vote for the amazing TURBULENCE 3: HEAVY METAL. It's kind of like DIE HARD on a plane, only with a Marilyn Manson wannabe in the Bruce Willis role and Satanists rather than terrorists as the villains. Even the plot summary is jaw-dropping:

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy fuck! Can I buy Troll 2 tix in advance?

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard about this from someone and they told me they would be doing this again, is that true?

11:00 PM  
Blogger Joe Scott said...

Anon II:

Yes. We'll be hosting "Midnight Madness 2: Ninjafest" every Friday in September and "Midnight Madness 3: Friday Night Frights" every Friday in October.

If you leave an e-mail address, that might be the best way to keep you updated in regards to what we are playing.


11:09 PM  
Anonymous said...

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2:59 PM  

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