Monday, March 02, 2009

Best-worst death scene of all time.

In honor of "Midnight Madness: Beer and a Badmovie" which starts this Friday, I thought I would post a series of bad movie clips, all of them leading up to the big day.

The following is a glorious death scene from the Andy Sidaris' film Hard Ticket to Hawaii, wherein musclebound bad dudes Rowdy and Jade must defend themselves from an assassin simply known as 'Skater.'

And while Skater might have been armed with both a machine gun and a sex doll, I do think Rowdy goes a little too far....

Wonder why the assassin's name was Skater? Was it a reference to the way he sort of breezed through life before he was killed? Kinda tragic when you think about it.


Blogger Ian McDowell said...

Okay, that was pretty amazing. Perhaps some day you'll mount an Andy Sidaris mini-fest. After all, one of his "greatest" movies inspired local band The Picasso Trigger, which got mentioned in Rolling Stone when Chapel Hill was considered a candidate for the next Seattle. Yeah, I'm really dating myself with that one.

11:49 AM  

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