Sunday, March 29, 2009

RE: EW's 'Top 20 Heroes' list and my response.

Entertainment Weekly devoted an entire cover story to the "Top 20 Heroes and Villains of All Time." You can see how the heroes were ranked here, or you can save time and modem strain by reading their infuriating list here:

1. James Bond
2. Indiana Jones
3. Superman
4. Harry Potter
5. Ellen Ripley
6. John McClane
7. Han Solo
8. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
9. Robin Hood
10. Spider-Man
11. Mad Max
12. James T. Kirk
13. Foxy Brown
14. Will Kane
15. Dirty Harry
16. Jack Bauer
17. Nancy Drew
18. Batman
19. Atticus Finch
20. Sydney Bristow


So let's get this straight, of all the heroes on the list, Batman was ranked number 18?


For starters, there's not a single person on that list Batman couldn't beat in a fight.

James Bond?

Bats would easily give that martini-swilling, product placement whore of misogynist what for.


I got two words for you: Kryptonite ring - Batman has one.

Spider-Man? He would spray the web-head with Pam so he couldn't stick to walls anymore and give 'ol Spidey a wedgie and a lesson in true heroics.

Nancy Drew?

Batman would swiftly convince her that the two of them don't need to fight, and tell her to go do her homework.

This poorly ranked top 20 list ruffled my feathers to the point where I actually wrote my first angry letter to an editor.

Here it is:


That you would deny Batman number one status on "The Top 20 Heroes" - let alone salt the wound by ranking him number 18 under Superman (#3), Spider-Man (#10), or Nancy Drew (#17) - is an insult to the concept of heroes. The modern day equivalent to Arthurian legend, the Caped Crusader has penetrated our nation's consciousness more than any other character in contemporary literature. More hours of TV have been devoted to Batman, including the seminal "Batman: The Animated Series," and with only seven movies, the character is but a mere $200 million shy of eclipsing the amount James Bond earned in 23 flicks, none of which are half as good as "The Dark Knight." And while Superman fights for the American way, it is Batman who represents America's spirit by pushing himself beyond his limits to preserve hope and restore justice in an increasingly bleak world.

Most lists are a matter of opinion, but in this case, it's a matter of fact: When it comes to heroes, Bats is best, and those who disagree are fools or liars.

Joe Scott
Greensboro, NC


Anonymous Yanni said...

Nice letter to the editor.

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