Saturday, March 21, 2009

'No Retreat, No Surrender': The Aftermath

I wanted to shoot a quick thanks to everyone who attended last night's screening. Hope that "No Retreat, No Surrender" was the stupifying white man kung-fu experience that we promised it would be.

Van Damme shined in a role that probably took a couple of days to film; Bruce Lee's ghost looked nothing like Bruce Lee, but that didn't stop him from hawking Coke products; R.J. got the ride of his life while licking a fudgescicle; and yes, Fatass ate a whole goddamned cake on the side of the road.

If you've had a great time at any of our movie events, don't thank me. Thank the gang at the Carousel who have given us fans of questionable cinema a venue where we can enjoy crappy films and lots of beer.

The best way to thank the Carousel is to vote for them in Yes!Weekly's annual the Triad's Best poll (click here!).

You don't have to nominate someone in every category, but the gang at the theater sure would appreciate the props. And since they are in fact the best theater in the Triad, why don't we let everyone else in Greensboro know that?

-Joe Scott

P.S. The officer on duty last night said he wanted to thank you guys for being such an excellent crowd. He's had to deal with his fair share of knuckleheads at the Carousel, but never at one of our events.


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