Monday, March 16, 2009

Midnight Madness video

Louis Bekoe, a videographer from News & Record stopped by our first "Midnight Madness: Beer and a Bad Movie" of Troll 2 to make the following video:

If you haven't attended a "Midnight Madness" screening, my hope is that this video will make you reconsider. Unlike every other possible late Friday night event in Greensboro, ours won't damage your wallet or pocketbook, and as you can see, we always have a good time. So make your way out to the Carousel (1305 Battleground Ave.) midnight this Friday when we play No Retreat, No Surrender.

Watch the following trailer for just a taste of the Jean-Claude Van Dammage:

And while we're on the subject of the Carousel, all of us should do what we can to help them win Yes! Weekly's The Triad's Best 2009 award for Best Movie Theater. Why? Because even if they weren't hosting our crazy movie parties in town, they still provide our only source of genuine independent and foreign films here in the Triad. They are also the only theater that is locally owned.

So go here and vote. You don't have to select a candidate for every category. Just vote for Best Movie Theater, and show Greensboro and Winston-Salem that the "Best" is actually the best.


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