Saturday, September 23, 2006

This week in Trailers

I wanted to comment on Jackass Number 2 before I get down to the trailers I watched during the week. If you were a fan of the show and of the first movie this should be right up your alley (of course that's proven to be not the case I suppose). If you're a bit of a sadist and like to watch people needlessly harm themselves and their friends for your amusement, then this movie is also for you. Seriously, you should know exactly what you're getting into when you see this movie (i.e. dumb stunts that border on creativity at times, why no plot would be a criticism is beyond me). The main problem I saw with the film was that it's a bunch of guys who let go of this a few years ago and for whatever reason decided it was a good idea retread the same territory. There's nothing new about what they're doing whereas when Jackass first started, there really wasn't anything like it on television. Now, while there are still laughs to be had, it all seems a little tired. While most of the stunts were either funny or wince inducing, nothing about it was new, it all seemed exhausted. This is ever evident during the film with Bam, who you can tell in certain areas of the film really didn't want to be there. Most of these guys moved on from Jackass and honestly I think it might be time for the viewing public to do the same.

Now on with the trailers.
The first trailer I have for you is one I've been seeing the promo poster for in the Grande for several weeks now and no clue what it was about and that's Eragon.

To me it seems like this movie is a few years behind when it should've come out. I'm not all that familiar with the Eragon, or the Inheritence Triology but I'm not sure how well this is going to do. It seems to be a little better handled than Dungeons and Dragons (which also starred Jeremy Irons), but at the same time it feels like Dragonheart. The effects look good enough, so maybe my reservations are misplaced, it does have John Malkovich, so the movie does have some pedigree (of course Malkovich was also in Thunderbirds, so what do I know).

Next in our cavalcade of trailers is one that I'm real excited about and that's Renaissance.

I saw this trailer about a month ago and was absolutely floored by the animation. It's the kind of stylized computer animatoin I've been waiting for since the first time I saw Toy Story all those years ago. It stars man who lays claim to the 007 title, Daniel Craig, Ian Holm, and a bunch of other people I've never heard.

Onward we proceed to a movie that I really wish wasn't being made Employee of the Month.

Joe's probably going to kill me for putting this up, but I just wanted to state I'm getting tired of these movies being given to flavors of the month like Dane Cook, who doesn't have an original bone in his body yet has caught on with College students across the country due to the fact that he's a spaz (I'm sick of him obviously). Dax Shepard, Harland Williams, Andy Dick, and the guy who played Pedro (does anyone really care what his name is?) also star in this comedy with scenery being provided by Jessica Simpson.

The final trailer for this week (mainly because I think this is running a little long) is loudQUIETloud: a Film about the Pixies.

This, as the title suggests, is the story of the Pixies reunion. The Pixies are a band that I hold in very high regard as the fourth best band of the 80s (I'll give someone $5 if they can guess two of the three bands above them), but honestly I really don't like Black Francis or whatever he's calling himself this week and I'm of the mind that comebacks or any kind are usually unmitigated disasters. I don't like it when bands get back together, because it always reaks of insincerity. The Pixies broke up because they couldn't get along with each other and Frank Black was a controlling douche bag and why anyone thinks this is going different is probably fooling themselves. Regardless, the documentary looks intriguing.

Well, that's it for the this week. Hopefully I'll be back next week. Remember to show to the movie on time so you can catch the magic that is trailers and know what the studios want you to see in the coming months.



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