Sunday, September 10, 2006

The new Bond trailer, plus an open letter to the people who hate Daniel Craig.

Dear Misguided Fans,

I simply cannot understand why you do not like Daniel Craig. First, he was cool as hell in Matthew Vaughn's Layer Cake. Second, he played a bad-assed spy in Steven Spielberg's Munich . Do you seriously think that it is beyond his capabilities to play a cool as hell, bad-assed spy? If you haven't seen either of these films, please do so or shut your under-qualified mouths until the release of Casino Royale.

The oddest complaint that I have read from your camp is that Craig would make a terrible Bond because he is quote "odd-looking", or "ugly". If only most of us could be as unattractive as Craig. I honestly feel that what you interpret as ugliness is in fact rugged manliness. So what if Daniel Craig has no place on a runway. I could honestly say the same for Sean Connery, but neither of the two actors are CHUD's (i.e. fugly), and you know it.

If anything, Pierce Brosnan looked too pretty for the role. Brosnan's looks were too polished, too tanned, and too impeccable for a man with an occupation in danger, and the only time I really gave a crap for the Bond he played was when he looked tormented in the opening of the horrible Die Another Day.

Lastly, I have heard enough from the people who wish Clive Owen had played the next Bond. The dude turned down the part because he didn't like the risk of being typecasted. That's exactly what happened to Brosnan, who will be forced to play a variation of his Bond character until the day he dies. Perhaps this is why he demanded the alleged $ 35 million paycheck that caused him to be fired to begin with.

Craig has the potential to be a great Bond, and this trailer displays this truth in full effect. The film focuses on Bond's transition to becoming a killer at the beginning of his career, and Craig seems to handle this challenging scenario with stone-cold grace. I like that, rather than channeling Connery's legendary performance, Craig is trying something new, which was the entire point behind this production in the first place

Joe Scott

P.S. If there was a just reason to not like the newest Bond film - it would be because it is not the Quentin Tarrantino directed period film that EON pictures and the Broccoli family were to foolish to greenlight two years ago. Tarrantino wanted to explore Bond's character and give the franchise a sense of genuine dramatic tension - something Pierce himself said the limping franchise desperately needed.


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