Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tom Cruise Catches A Break

When Tom Cruise and producing partner Paula Wagner were shunned by their home of 14 years- Paramount Pictures over the summer (along with just about every one else in the industry,) the notion of the two ever working again seemed far fetched. (Afterall, Mission:Impossible 3 only made some 150+ million dollars thanks to Cruise's controversial antics in the public eye previous to it's release.... please.)

Anyway- Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner have found a new company to produce films for- one in which, they will also run. United Artists, which was founded by Hollywood stars, the likes of whom included on Charlie Chaplin and D.W. Griffith, has been put in the hands of the producing pair who are responsible for such films as the Mission:Impossible franchise, Shattered Glass, Without Limits, among others.

No dollar amounts have been announced, but I'm sure Cruise and Wagner were greatful just to find some support- and then some. United Artists has a rather distinguished reputation which I hope Cruise won't do anything to tarnish. I hope he sees this opprotunity as a second chance in the realms of celebrity and maybe he will bring us some more Top Gun and Jerry Maguire. We shall see.


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