Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Preparing for the feast - of film.

For most people, Thanksgiving is a time of remembering how we befriended the Native Americans before ultimately short-changing them, by stuffing our faces with loads of tasty - and usually unhealthy - foods. And while the big day certainly has that meaning for me, it also means I get to stuff my mind with a cinematic feast of great films.

Thanksgiving marks the kick-off of Oscar Season for the most part, and here in Greensboro, we got no less than new films coming out today.

Here they are:
No Country for Old Men

Disney's Enchanted

I'm Not There

This Christmas

August Rush

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Stephen King's The Mist



So yeah, they pretty much got something for everybody this week. What are you guys going to see? As for myself, today I am planning on watching No Country for Old Men, a movie I have been dying to see since I heard it was being made almost two years ago, and the Bob Dylan ensemble bio-pic I'm Not There. I'm Not There is more of my wife's choice; but I look forward to seeing it as well, if for no other reason than to wash the horrible taste Hayden Christensen's Dylan performance left in my mouth during Factory Girl. Might also do The Mist or Enchanted tomorrow, but we'll see.

Chances are I will be too busy cooking and spending time with loved ones to post anything tomorrow. I definitely won't be hosting a live radio program. However, Mike and I will be recording our "Black Friday Podcast Special" on location at the Carousel Luxury Cinemas on the 23rd. If you're catching a matinee this Friday, make sure to stop by the Carousel's Bistro Lounge to say hello.

At any rate, have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Try not to eat or drink too, too much. And if you're going shopping on Friday, please choose your battles wisely. I would hate to find out one of our listeners was decapitated while fighting over an off-brand $50 mini TV/DVD player.


Blogger Karen Scott said...

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7:38 PM  
Anonymous valmark* said...

it's august rush for me & im not ashamed to admit it! included in the price of admission-- keri russell (it had me at felicity), jonathan rhys meyers, the dashing irish bloke from bend it like beckham, and what is rumoured to be an "unapologetically preposterous" "anti-Once" affair. it may be horrible indeed but i will be going to find out for myself.

2:04 PM  
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