Tuesday, November 20, 2007

When Chuck Norris speaks, the voters of America had better listen.

Check out this political ad Chuck Norris did for Arkansas Governer Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign:

Come election day 2008, if we elect someone else to be president, there's no point in running for Canada - we're already dead. Then again, maybe that has been Norris' plan from the get go.

But all joking aside, this is insane and totally unfair. Especially for the Democrat candidates. I mean ask yourself, how many American action heroes do we know of who would vote blue? I'm drawing a blank here, but even if there was one, he wouldn't stand against Chuck Norris. On top of that, who wants a republican from Arkansas to be our president? Not me! Arkansas conservatives might as well believe in dragons and magic after convicting the members of The West Memphis Three for murder, based on the evidence of Stephen King books and Metallica T-shirts.


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