Sunday, February 17, 2008

AICN: 'HD-DVD is dead.'

Ain't-it-Cool-News writes HD-DVD is no more.

Of course, anyone who reads AICN knows webmaster Harry Knowles has been one of the biggest HD-DVD supporters on the net. Knowles love of the format is so strong in fact, that Toshiba recently gave all the attendees of his last Butt-Numb-a-Thon film festival their very own HD-DVD players. So when Knowles says Toshiba insiders have begun leaking the demise of HD-DVD, you can count that as reliable information.

Perhaps this is why HD-DVD players dropped to $149.00 at Circuit City.

I really don't have an opinion on this HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray debate. Both sides of the war have already cost themselves the interest of standard consumers for now because of their innability to work together. The only people who were really interested in either players were the uber wealthy (i.e., not me). Also, I have yet to see a single Blu-Ray or HD-DVD demo at a store that has been all that impressive. The color correction on every disc I've seen is awful, and another thing both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD do is make CGI special effects look too glossy, thus creating this glaring, less real look than one can find in theaters or even DVD.

Friday night, I was out buying an accessory for my projector and caught a glimpse of Night at the Museum, during one of the T-Rex skeleton chase scenes. At the theater, I remember the T-Rex had a dusty, calcified texture. But in Blu-Ray, he looked like he was made out of plastic. Another problem I have with Hi-Def DVD formats is that while they add detail and clarity to scenes where characters are standing still, whenever there's a sudden or fast movement, parts of the screen start to pixel-ate like a WMA file from the early oughts.

Plus if the story of DVD's have taught us nothing else, it's that when it comes to digital video formats, nothing lasts forever. So until they come up with a nanite gizmo they can inject into your brain stem that will allow you to watch every movie ever made in the best quality available, when it comes to upgrades, I plan on sticking to standard-def for now.

Here's the AICN article on the matter. Now that HD-DVD has gone the way of steroid-free pro athletes, do any of you plan on jumping aboard the Blu-Ray bandwagon?


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