Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blogging the Oscars.

I'm warming up the old projector and HD receiver for tonight because I'll be blogging live via wi-fi during the Oscar telecast. Should be a hoot if the post-strike writers were able to whip up enough jokes during the last two weeks. Also, Jon Stewart proved fairly adept last time at making up jokes on the spot (some of his winners reactions were better than his prepared opening monologue).

Former Movie Show host Gu will be on hand in the bat-cave, too, so I am sure he'll have a lot of interesting things to say as well. Tune in tonight.

Coming up, I am going to show you my actual Oscar pool votes, plus, I am going to try and get my next podcast up very soon. Just got back from interviewing Will Ferrell, so I am a little behind.


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