Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Regarding the civil rights of LARP-ers. [PODCAST!]

On this week’s edition of “The Movie Show,” Joe and a seriously congested Mike take a harsh stance on the civil rights of LARP-ers. And if that wasn’t reason enough to check out the show, the boys dish on a possible movie based on the board game Monopoly, a team of Fanboy’s Death Star assult on The Weinstein Company, and the WB’s potential bombing of Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are.

Plus, Mike reviews Jumper, Joe reviews the ultra-violent kids film, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and after that, they interview 80’s schlock horror filmmaker Kevin S. Tenney.

Soundtrack Selections include:
“St. John The Gambler,” by Townes Van Zandt from In Bruges;
“I’m Sticking with You,” by The Velvet Underground from Juno;
“Love Me Sexy,” by Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell) from Semi-Pro.

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