Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Big Lebowski: E-mail from those who didn't get in....

So as most of you know, there were A LOT of people who didn't get in to see The Big Lebowski last Wednesday. So many in fact, that my mailbox was filled with messages from some of those people we turned away.

Here are a few of the messages that really stuck out:

[P]lease do it again, i was so sad when i saw all my friends going in as i was stranded in the parking lot with no dude or man or jesus. <3

[A]s one of the dudeless, i say an encore would rock!

[M]e and about 10 of my friends we some of the people turned away last night! they would all def. be up for an encore of lebowski, they also brought up the question: is this a once a week thing? i said no but if the turn out is this good maybe it could be???? otherwise let me know when you pre-sell tickets for r. dogs so i make it to that show!

-And my personal favorite-

I happened to be one of the sad and disenfranchised few that was turned away from the theater like some Dickensian beggar. I instead plodded my way home, threw on the dvd and downed Southpaw light, a sad, broken man. Wishing in vain for the company of a lively collegiate audience in lieu of a few slack-jawed gawkers, I retired to my bedroom closet and cried myself to sleep. This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!
Patrick W Towne

I've even had encore requests from people who DID get tickets for the screening, so yeah, an encore screening is very, very likely. I am also considering the possibilities of hosting at least more than one special screening per month. Maybe we could also show a new -albeit vastly underexposed- foreign or indie flick? Or a documentary perhaps? Would you guys be interested in the idea of checking out exciting new films with cheap beer and admission?

Let me know. Shoot a comment below or email me at


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