Sunday, September 07, 2008

Michael Moore gives his next film away for free.

Michael Moore, who made headlines in 2004 after 'bribing' potential college voters by giving away packs of ramen noodles (retail value: $.09) has decided to outdo himself in '08. Moore is giving away his next documentary, Slacker Uprising, away online for free.

Here's the trailer:

The site for this film is billing the movie's free online release as the first time something like this has happened with a major movie. That's debatable. Johnny Knoxville and his crew previously gave their quasi-sequel Jackass 2.5 away for free online weeks before it's DVD release, and if I am not mistaken, something similar happened with a Morgan Freeman project two years ago.

Anyway, the trailer looks interesting at least. I especially dug Moore's response to the prayer team. If you want to see Slacker Uprising when it gets released for free, simply visit the movie's website and register.


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