Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trailer Park: 'Watchmen' Edition

A whole slew of trailers were released last week to coincide with the opening of Watchmen.

Here are the best:

Star Trek

This trailer offers a little more plot information than the previous two. Now that I have an idea as to what this film is about, I cannot wait to see it.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

While nowhere near as ridiculous as the last one, this trailer still accomplishes very little in terms of restoring my faith in this project. It also confirms the involvement of a kid Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Storm, which means ridiculous mind-wipes will be needed in order to explain why the X-Men know nothing about Wolverine from the first movie -- if they even bother to explain the continuity at all, that is.


Those Pixar guys are at it again, and this newest trailer shows a bit of a Miyazaki touch. And is that Owen Wilson providing one of the voices for Dug?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

This is the fourth trailer they've put out for the next Harry Potter film. I just wish they had released it in November. WB is such a tease.

Public Enemies

It's Jack Sparrow vs. Batman. The Director of Heat vs. the story of real life crook John Dillinger. Digital Cameras vs. the Great Depression. Who will win? The audience, hopefully. Have to say, though, that the gritty, slightly pixelated digital camera work isn't meshing too well with the film's period setting.

-and in case you missed it last week-
Terminator: Salvation


This trailer marks the first time I am actually optimistic about this film


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