Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Top 10 Part 4/6

We are almost there. It's almost Thursday, the day that my top 10 will be unleashed to the world, and I have to say that of all the 'big' top 10's I have seen so far this year, mine is the most unique. Take this next entry. Entertainment Weekly's Owen
Gleiberman called my 7th best film of the year the 3rd worst film of the year. All I got to say is that time will tell on this one.

7) Brick – This neo-noir mystery features a modern-day high school kid who talks like a 1940’s detective as he tries to solve his ex-girlfriend’s murder. Newcomer writer/director Rian Johnson makes the debut of the year because he was able to pull this premise off without making it look ridiculous. My favorite action films wow me not with huge explosions or fight sequences, but thrilling wordplay, something ‘Brick’ delivers in spades.

Bonus Note: I don't think that Gleiberman is on crack or anything, but maybe our experiences differed because he saw the film in theaters while - because it never came out in Greensboro theaters - I saw the film on DVD with subtitles. I watch most of my DVD's with subtitles - it's the writer in me, I guess. The way people talk in this film is so radical, so rapid fire, I could definitely see how that could be a turn-off for someone who wasn't reading it while watching the film. Regardless, this was a great first film. With a high school detective premise, the movie could have been stupid as hell; it starred that kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun for chrissakesbtw, he's actually a great actor in this movie!

Tune in for tomorrow's thrilling installment entitled 'Number 6' or 'Rats vs. Moles'.


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