Thursday, August 09, 2007

IFC's 50 Greatest Sex Scenes (w/ Clips)

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You might not want to click on this link if you're at work, but IFC recently dropped their top 50 list of the greatest sex scenes in non-pornographic film history. Some of these scenes lack gratuitous nudity, and others don't.

For me, the 'sexiness' of a sex scene relies heavily on my ability to care about the characters. I know that sounds cliche', but whenever I see a sex scene between two characters I really don't give a damn about, I usually just laugh. Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls has a great example of this during the 'dolphin love' scene between Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLauchlan. Not surprisingly, the movie did not make the list.

Here are some rather shocking (and sometimes undeserving) entries that did, however:

50) Ken Park*
41) High Fidelity
31) Storytelling
30) Me You and Everyone We Know**
14) Team America World Police
10) Young Frankenstein
2) A History of Violence

Here are some entries I agreed with wholly:

47) The Dreamers***
39) The Piano
24) The Cooler
13) Y Tu Mamá También
8) Secretary
3) Muholland Drive****

*Because the producer did not properly secure the soundtrack rights, no one can legally view Larry Clark's Ken Park outside of Korea; if that's the case, shouldn't it be disqualified? I guess I should just be glad that they didn't pick Park's Kids instead.

**While it may have been my favorite movie in 2004, the ))<>(( scene they are referring to in Me You and Everyone We Know did not involve actual or simulated sex in any way.

***Eva Green (Casino Royale) = Hot.

****While I personally hated Muholland Drive as a film, I really enjoyed the sex scene.


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