Friday, September 07, 2007

Coming Soon.

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I ordered it this morning. I never thought I would be a Mac guy (beyond the use of an iPod). But after I taught a podcasting course for sixth-tenth graders this summer, it's like they say, 'Once you go Mac, you never go back.'

The main reason for getting a Mac, aside from the ability to turn my computer on and being using it within 20 seconds, is because it's the only way you can get Garage Band. In an earlier post, I had mentioned that I was going to try and score iLife for Windows XP, but low and behold, it's simply not available. All of the other 'enhanced podcasting' programs out there are vastly inferior. Windows is apparently working on their own program that's supposed to be similar to GB, but it's too little, too late, I say.

The laptop will be here soon. Until then, all future podcasts are on hold.


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