Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Scenes from Southland Tales surface online...finally!

The publicity machine for Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko follow-up and Cannes Film Festival Bomb, Southland Tales, has started to make its way slowly down the road. Here are two clips from the movie which were released online within the last week:

1) This scene features Dwane "No Longer 'The Rock'" Johnson as an actor with a completely ridiculous premise for a new movie.

2) Here we have Sarah Michelle Gellar hosting a View-esque TV series with porn stars.

Jeez, maybe this is just a reaction to the fact that they were presented out of context, but I can understand why the critics at Cannes might have reacted negatively. Out of context, these scenes look like pretentious crap. Kinda like the inferior 'director's cut' of Donnie Darko


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