Monday, October 01, 2007

Details of Tim Burton's next film spoiled at NC School of the Arts

Dick Cook, Chairman of Walt Disney pictures, paid a visit this Friday to NCSA where he hosted a super-advanced screening of Enchanted, followed by a Q&A. Producer Jordan Kerner did th same thing last year with the live-action version of Charlotte's Web.

A spy turned in a report to AICN regarding the event, and shared this little tidbit of information:

When questioned about the future of animation for the studio, Cook said that Disney will have a little of everything on its upcoming slate. A new 2D piece called "The Princess and the Frog" is in the works. The most intriguing bit of info that Cook let slip was in regards to a future stop-motion animation project.

When prodded, Cook hesitated to answer. He tried to hint his way out of the question, but in a Film School, or just in general with an audience who has a passion for cinema, what he was hinting at was crystal clear and garnered quite a round of applause. He said that the project would be helmed by the creative mastermind behind the majority of stop-motion pictures in the last decade. Our Dean looked at him slyly and asked, "This guy has never worked with Danny Elfman before has he?"

I mean it would obvously have to be Burton or Henry Selick, right? As I'm pretty sure Ardman would never collaborate with Disney now that they've got a deal with Sony. Well, it looks like the hunch may have been confirmed by AICN's Moriarty. An 'anonymous' sent in word that the project would be a completely stop-motion feture based on Tim Burton's live-action short film, Frankenweenie.

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As far as confirmation on this detail goes, Moriarty said, "I got in touch with the one person I know who might be able to confirm that, and he literally hung up the phone on me as I was asking the question." Interesting.

I love Frankenweenie, but I hope Burton is smart enough to realize that he needs Henry Selick on some level. So many people think that Burton directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is completely bogus (Selick did). Burton *did* direct The Corpse Bride - one of the most ho-hum films of his career regardless of what the Hot Topic kids have to say.


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