Monday, October 29, 2007

So Jackson fired Gosling?!

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From IMDB:

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King filmmaker Peter Jackson fired actor Ryan Gosling from movie The Lovely Bones because he was "too demanding" according to reports. It was alleged Gosling "stepped down" from the movie and was replaced by Mark Wahlberg - but Oscar-winning director Jackson in fact axed the 26-year-old, reports New York gossip column, PageSix. A source says, "Peter couldn't stand Ryan. Ryan cut his own hair, and was fighting with wardrobe. He was so demanding... Peter booted him two days before filming started." The Lovely Bones, the movie adaptation of Alice Sebold's bestseller, also stars Rachel Weisz - and will be released next year.


On last week's show, we had reported that Gosling left due to 'creative differences'. Perhaps those differences Variety was referrring to in the article were as simple as Gosling imagining he should be allowed to work and act like a jerk to hair and wardrobe, while Jackson - with all the creativity it took to make the Lord of the Rings trilogy - imagining that he should not.

I hope this 'firing' or whatever it was doesn't put Gosling on some sort of blacklist a la Val Kilmer. Gosling is still very young, and extremely talented. It would be a shame if all that talent had to languish because of any drama he may carry behind the set. Let us also not forget that Gosling gained 30 pounds to play the father in The Lovely Bones. I don't know if this applies, but when I was about 100 pounds heavier, the added weight caused me to act like a mean son of a bitch. Maybe the normally rail-thin Gosling was upset because the haircut and wardrobe he was given made him look too fat, or else not fat enough? We'll probably never know.

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But still, considering that Gosling got fat enough to make his mug this pudgy, it's a damn shame....


Anonymous Mike said...

Gosling strikes me as the type of fellow who gets very into his characters. I can imagine him, all caught up in his method acting, wanting to keep the character as normal and unproduced as possible. Jackson however strikes me as a god-director, which is what you have to be to make Lord of the Rings and King Kong movies. I wouldn't be surprised if the clash had more to do with competing aesthetics than with either of them being a dick.

11:36 AM  

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