Sunday, November 25, 2007

Black Friday Holiday Podcast Special

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This podcast was supposed to be an hour long, but because Joe started editing it before he backed it up, you’re only going to be able to hear the first 13 minutes.

How did this happen, you ask? Perhaps Joe and Mike incurred the wrath of the ‘Black Friday’ demons they so inappropriately mocked by having an episode entitled ‘Black Friday Holiday Podcast Special.’ Black Friday isn’t a holiday - it’s a vicious time when mothers fight each other to the death with axes and morning stars over $50 flat-screen TV’s and $100 laptops. Joe and Mike mocked such a tragic occasion and paid for it by deleting 3/4 of their podcast in a way that no Mac product support technician could ever recover.

In this podcast, the boys dish on Kevin Smith’s increasingly good fortunes and make a special announcement. Had things gone as planed, you would have also heard Mike give Beowulf a bad review, and argue with Joe over its merits; Joe give Enchanted a slightly-positive review, even though it features a scene of chipmunk defecation; and four other news stories that will most likely rear their neglected little heads on next week’s regular show. At any rate, enjoy.


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