Saturday, December 08, 2007

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer (the trailer, that is)!

Warning: This trailer you are about to see was obviously intended to recreate the feelings one might experience while under the influence of psychedelic drugs.

Wow. Larry Washowski has undergone a sex change, and the Washowski Brothers (or Siblings?) co-directed Speed Racer. After seeing this trailer, I am sure you will agree that the later story is the most bizarre of the two.

I think it was ballsy of the Washowski's to attempt this film with such bright and vibrant colors. They're basically replicating the process used to make 300 and Sin City, two movies which used almost no color whatsoever so as to blur the fact that everything on-screen besides the actors was faked. With all of its colors, Speed Racer doesn't have that luxury, meaning there are several scenes where the actors simply don't match the color and the lighting of their backgrounds. Plus, some of those cars look like Hot Wheels.

Beyond that, Speed Racer looks like it could be really exciting. But then again, what movie with ninja assassins doesn't? Count me excited with a twist of caution.


Anonymous Carson Ahlstrom said...

LOL @ Ninja Assassins!

Anyway, there are people who wanted to drive this car when they were still kids. Were you one of those? I'm pretty sure most of the old-school people here are. Haha!

3:26 PM  

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