Sunday, December 02, 2007

So who got the exclusive Dark Night interviews?

Was it online movie site Aint-it-Cool?


Wizard Magazine, the monthly comic books guide?


60 Minutes?

Wrong again.

Then who?

Al @%$!@-ing Roker, and you can see for yourself how very little he knows about Batman by watching the video below:

My favorite line was when Al Roker said to Christian Bale, "When we last saw Batman, you had gotten rid of...THE VILLAINS. There was a homicidal guy...THE JOKER out there. Where do we pick up here?"

It's funny because you can tell Roker is attempting to remember the names of Batman Begins villains Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul, and couldn't. Then there was a brief moment where he almost didn't even know the Joker's name. Thank God he was able to right that part at the last second.

And yes, perhaps I am being too hard on the guy. He is basically just a weatherman/reader of old ladies' birthdays. If someone offered me seven figures per year to tape interviews with celebrities on subjects I had not researched, I would probably have a hard time saying no, too. Also, despite Roker's obvious ignorance on the subject of Batman, the clip had some interesting sneak peaks into the film. I just really hope they don't pull another Spider-Man 3 come July 18th.


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