Monday, December 03, 2007

International Juno trailer.

More Diablo Cody goodness can be enjoyed in the trailer below. So, uh, enjoy.

After checking this film out last week, Mike declared Juno his favorite film of the year. His declaration was pretty much instantaneous, and while I am holding out hope that PTA's There Will Be Blood will blow my mind away, I enjoyed Juno about as much as I enjoyed any other film this year. A great film. If you didn't think actress Ellen Page was great after Hard Candy, nor Jason Reitman after Thank You For Smoking, you will after this film.

As for screenwriter Diablo Cody, it pretty much goes without saying that she has made for herself the debut of the year. I am instantly looking forward to all of her future projects. This film could have been unbearably sarcastic, anti-parents and anti-men in general, but Juno is surprisingly sweet, and in a way, wholesome. I would argue that even right-wingers could enjoy this film if they could get over the fact that it's about a pregnant teen who uses swear words from time to time.


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