Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Golden Globes postponed, no reduced, er wait a minute, canceled.

The story has changed so many times regarding the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and NBC's plans for the Golden Globes, that I'm glad I waited until this morning to report anything on the site.

We had mentioned earlier that writers were planning to picket the event so long as it was telecast on NBC, and that the 70 or so actor nominees would not be crossing picket lines.

At first, NBC had announced the Golden Globes would be canceled. That was until the Hollywood Foreign Press Association protested, saying their awards must be announced before the Oscar. Considering that most people don't care too much about the year's Golden Globes winners after the Academy Awards, NBC agreed to press on.

The HFPA then decided to string together a reduced Golden Globes ceremony. I know NBC and the HFPA tried to use the phrase 'scaled back,' but let's face it, their plan sounded crappy. The Golden Globes ceremony would continue to take place, albeit untelevised. NBC would cover that ever so precious red carpet, play a clips show of previous ceremonies and winners, and then at 9 p.m. ET, they would hold a press conference to list all the winners, followed by Access Hollywood-styled coverage of after parties. The deal would have been great for 80% of the entertainment journalists in the country, many of whom would rather cover the red carpet and after parties instead of an awards show that supposedly recognizes artistic merit. Matter of fact, if they could figure out a way to get a bunch of celebrities to walk down a red carpet for literally no reason whatsoever, besides the fact that there would be a carpet, and yes, it would be red, the Golden Globes and Academy Awards would probably be extinct as far as TV was concerned.

As for me, it would have been a total bore. The only part I enjoy about an awards show are the winners and their acceptance speeches. Occasionally a good host will make the proceedings slightly bearable, but the Golden Globes didn't even have a host last year. Basically, each year's film awards are like a handful of precious diamonds some chump tossed into a dumpster filled with rotten produce (or celebrity gossip), used baby diapers (expensive dresses and tuxedos), compost (interpretive dances), used syringes (excessive film clip montages), and raw waste (after party coverage). So without the actual awards, I would have no reason to go near that dumpster, let alone reach my hands inside it.

So imagine how pleased I was to find out that the scaled-down, or as I prefer, crapped-up Golden Globes were canceled entirely. According to Variety, the WGA smelled something fishy. If NBC could interview celebs on the red carpet and then again at after parties without a trouble of covering an awards show, they would still get movie stars wearing expensive outfits on TV, hence the reason their cameras were even there in the first place. They had expressed their concerns with SAG, who ultimately agreed, and before you knew it, the actors again stated they weren't going to cross picket lines - even if that meant staying away from the red carpet and avoiding after parties. Soon, the Golden Globes ceremony was canceled completely, along with many of the planned after parties. The winners will simply be announced, and that is that.

And while I'm glad the writers scored a major win, part of me is sad I won't get to see Ellen Page and Diablo Cody scoop up their trophies. Cody will probably win the Oscar for best original screenplay as well, but Page's chances of winning over Julie Christie in their consolidated Best Actress race are slim to none.

Will the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers meet with the WGA and strike a deal before the Academy Awards get nixed, too? More importantly, will the Alliance stop being so gosh-darn dastardly and antagonistic on their own public website?


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