Friday, January 04, 2008

GoTriad! cover story finally online.


If you haven't picked up a GoTriad yet, you can read my Oscar predictions article here.

Got a lot of e-mailed responses from readers who say they enjoyed the article. One of them came from "Scott Boyd," who wrote:

I enjoyed your article in "Go Triad" this morning, but I came across a statement that gave me pause. You wrote, "The movie ("The Diving Bell and the Butterfly") will most likely win Best Foreign Picture." Well, Mr. Scott, don't hold your breath. The truth is the film isn't even in consideration for the award. According to Academy rules, only one film can be submitted from each country. This year, that film is "Persepolis." Fortunately, the Academy doesn't require the country to dictate the film's eligibility in other categories.

I had actually forgotten that Persepolis was a French film. Would have helped if I had a chance to see it, however, it seems like a foolish move on France's part. Not only because Persepolis will almost certainly land a Best Animated Feature nomination on it's own merits, but The Diving Bell and the Butterfly would have given the country a win. Easily.

Also, Persepolis is probably a lock for Best Animated Feature. It's only real competition this year is Ratatouille, but Pixar always wins and I'm sure the Academy wouldn't mind pulling another Spirited Away by giving the gold to the Miyazaki of the bunch.

So yeah, I'm still holding my breath that Mathieu Almaric gets a nomination. Whether or not France gives a damn is beyond me. And with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly's absence in the Best Foreign Picture category, Spain's The Orphanage, my favorite film of the year, actually stands a chance of winning an award. Let's keep our fingers crossed, people.


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