Thursday, January 03, 2008

Warner writes death of (Brandon Routh's) Superman

Brandon Routh will not play Superman in The Man of Steel according to Latino Review.

Guess Warner Bros. really was disappointed with Superman Returns. But then why shouldn't they be? It only grossed $391 million worldwide. That's chump change, considering the entire Superman franchise before Returns earned $316 million combined. Oh wait....

Enough sarcasm, though. This is a horrible move. Apparently Warner wants to replace Brandon Routh with the younger actor they've secretly cast to play Supes in the mo-cap JLA film. Rumor has it that Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter will sport the computer generated blue tights.

Here's a pic:


Dude certainly has the biceps for the role. But I thought the point of the animated JLA film was that it would run parallel to the live action Batman and Superman films that came out. That they've replaced Brandon Routh with the JLA Superman means they could potentially do the same with Christian Bale. I don't want to see a 'Batkid' and I sure as hell don't want to watch him grow up again. I want to see an experienced, well-honed Batman, kicking butt, solving crimes, and locking his rogues gallery away in Arkham Asylum. This almost makes me mad enough to stay away from this JLA business altogether.

As for Brandon Routh, now that he has joined the Tom Welling club for actors-who-don't-get-invited-to-star-in-Superman-sequels, I guess he can go back to soap operas. Too bad, because he was the least of everyone's complaints for Superman Returns. Even the biggest of haters would say he was 'decent.'


Anonymous patrick roberts said...

it's too bad, i say

12:44 AM  
Blogger Joe Scott said...

Agreed. But from a business sense, if this is true, it means Routh will have to be bought out of his contract. At least that means he'll make a good chunk of change NOT to work. We're talking potentially millions of dollars. That might also be enough for Warner to reconsider, but they did pay Nick Cage $20 million for the 'Death of Superman' flick which never even got made - part of the reason Superman Returns cost so much.

2:39 AM  
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