Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coming to RiverRun 2008!

Back when I moved to Greensboro in 2003, it didn't take me long to realize the RiverRun International Film Festival was the cultural flagship of the Triad. The festival is huge, with films from all over the world, several U.S. premiers, and a slate of wonderful documentaries - many of which we won't have a chance to see on DVD for a long time, if at all, because of all the flaming hoops even great non-fiction films have to go through for distribution.

And while RiverRun won't be announcing their entire slate until March 26th, I received this cool preview in the mail, revealing several of the films, docs, shorts, and cartoons festival organizers have already lined up.

Check 'em out:

Narrative Competition

The Baker - U.S. Premier!!!

Dir: Gareth Lewis) – When a hitman slips up, he takes refuge in a quiet Welsh village where the townspeople mistake him for their new baker. Forced into the kitchen to keep his cover, he soon realizes he likes his apron better than his holster. But as a beautiful vet catches his eye, the locals begin to discover his true identity.

Documentary Competition


(Dir: Robb Moss & Peter Galison) – Should a government keep secrets in order to protect its citizens? Or does the simple act of withholding information lead to a world of eroding civil liberties and corruption? In this well crafted documentary, we explore both sides of the argument and go behind the scenes of America’s national security policy.

Shorts Competition

Medium Rare

(Dir: Stefan Stuckert) – A man on the run ducks into a restaurant where a beautiful young woman dines alone. Cornered under her table, both know one false move could cost the man his life – which is easier said than done when desire complicates the situation.

I Am Bob

(Dir: Donald Rice) – This short follows Bob Geldof (frontman for the band The Boomtown Rats) on his way to a gig in Scotland. Accidentally stranded in Northern England by his chauffeur, Bob discovers that the town is holding a bizarre look-alike contest and is forced to blend into the crowd of celebrity impersonators.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Off Beat

(Dir: Will Becher) – From the animation company that brought us Wallace & Gromit comes an adventure tale involving biscuits, stolen TVs and absolutely no police whatsoever. When the authorities take their annual holiday the citizens of a small town decide to have a little fun.

Banking on Escape

(Dir: Molly Porter) – A lonely piggy bank has nightmares about the horrible things that might happen when his owner decides to make a withdrawal. In a desperate attempt to escape his fate the piggy bank tries to hide, but only succeeds at making a terrible mess.


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